Kiper – Umoran I Glup EP (Geenger Records)

Kiper is back with another great EP release and this time they’re offering us three brand new tracks. Following their well-received full-length Udari Jako which has been published two years ago, Kiper is delivering much more melodic, but still energetic tunes to the plate with even more genres involved than ever before. Speaking of genres,… Read More Kiper – Umoran I Glup EP (Geenger Records)

CAM – Mirror Confrotations LP (Skrat Records)

CAM is an experimental electroacoustic trio from Copenhagen, Denmark and it consists of Claus Poulsen, Anders Børup and Mads Paluszewski-Hau, so I assume the name of the band are the initials of the band members. The beauty of the CAM lays in their improvisation skills during the recording process with constant sound leading or following during their playing with… Read More CAM – Mirror Confrotations LP (Skrat Records)