M:40 – Arvsynd LP (Halvfabrikat Records)

Perhaps M:40 haven’t adjusted their weapons, but they’ve unquestionably sharpened their knives with time. The Arvsynd LP can be adequately defined as an extension of their previous recordings, but with an even more robust manifestation of darkness, aggression, melodies, and power. These Swedish punk rockers are being recognized for their d-beat sound, generous servings of… Read More M:40 – Arvsynd LP (Halvfabrikat Records)

In From The Cold / Nula – Menhir LP (Various Labels)

Today, we’re covering one of the greatest stoner/sludge split releases in the recent history of the local underground scene. Both bands are coming from Belgrade, Serbia and they’re familiar on the underground scene, so Menhir LP was a logical releasing project which has been supported by a couple of eminent record labels. What has been… Read More In From The Cold / Nula – Menhir LP (Various Labels)

Geist – Swarming Season LP (Cursed Monk Records)

Geist were always somewhere on my ”to check out” list, but honestly, somehow I never gave them any chance because of my necessity to overcrowd myself with newer releases. What terrible mistake I’ve made because I ignored their music for so long. Seriously, this is some incredible stuff, if you’re deep into some extreme underground… Read More Geist – Swarming Season LP (Cursed Monk Records)

Drunktank – Return Of The Infamous Four CD (Various Labels)

Drunktank is pretty much well-known quartet in the worldwide skatepunk circles which has been formed in Den Haag, the Netherlands back in 2003. The band is famous for their energetic gigs and a fine blend of nineties skatepunk and eighties heavy metal music. So far, they managed to publish Ja Zegtie Sket Demo, Common Sense… Read More Drunktank – Return Of The Infamous Four CD (Various Labels)